A Southern Louisiana Wedding – Ashley + Jason

June 5, 2014

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Having photographed weddings for a few years now, I can say that much like people, wedding days are each unique to the tone and vibe that they carry. Some are full of excitement from start to finish, some are intimate and low key each and every minute, some are glitz and glam in every last detail–and these particular characteristics make each wedding day an event and sweet memory burned into the minds’ of its participants. This is at least how I observe them. For Ashley and Jason’s day, with the utmost sincerity I can say I’m not sure that I’ve ever witnessed a family so genuinely warm and caring to everyone, big and small, whom which they were surrounded. From Ashley’s father’s obvious love for his baby girl to Jason’s chivalry and warmth towards his mother and sisters, everyone was just full of the best kind of warm, ooey gooey make you wanna give a stranger a kitten kind of love. But what can you say? Warm, genuine people; big, loving families–that’s how they make em’ in the South and I’m not complaining about it.

Ashley’s taste was classic for her day, which gave way to lose all of the fluff. It was for me, truly, an observation of the genuine love and support shared for her and Jason.


She and Jason, just as genuine as the relationships that obviously exemplified and defined love for them…2014-06-05_00262014-06-05_00272014-06-05_00282014-06-05_00372014-06-05_00292014-06-05_00022014-06-05_00092014-06-05_00102014-06-05_00302014-06-05_00332014-06-05_0003 2014-06-05_0007 2014-06-05_0001

And this part of the day had me choking back some crocodile tears and reminded me of my own dad’s emotion on my day. Ashley very clearly shares a close relationship with her father and his outpouring of love and perfect desire for her happiness was a moment I’m grateful to have documented. Forever.2014-06-05_00112014-06-05_00322014-06-05_0034

My ceremony photographs are not nearly even close to all in black and white, but for some reason, the emotion in the black and whites really stood out to me from Ashley and Jason’s ceremony–and most ceremonies when I go to blog. So sorry (not sorry) for the B&W chosen sequence ahead. 2014-06-05_0016 2014-06-05_0014 2014-06-05_0015 2014-06-05_00172014-06-05_00132014-06-05_0019 2014-06-05_0018 2014-06-05_0020

They had their reception at Chesterton Square in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and it was precisely the lively to-do we tend to throw for wedding celebrations here in the South. Love, family, lots o’ dancing, you know…2014-06-05_0012 2014-06-05_00232014-06-05_0025

Ashley and her father’s first dance was sweet too, before they decided to break it dooooown on the dance floor.2014-06-05_0024 2014-06-05_0022

 Ashley and Jason, thank you so much for allowing me in to document your genuine hearts, warm loving family, and the beautiful beginnings of your life together as a married couple. I am ever-moved and grateful.



























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