Hello 2015 Seniors!

September 17, 2014

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Seniors, oh my beautiful seniors. You’re more than just a high schooler with a pretty face or a fabulous style or that awesome sense of humor. Yes, to me, you are at a peak right now, on the verge of limitless potential to achieve any dream you put your pretty little mind to. YES. That’s right. A-N-Y DREAM, at all. Ever.

This is what I see, what I feel, what I love in photographing each and every senior that smiles pretty in front of my lens. More so, this is why I couldn’t be more excited to welcome the Class of 2015! Now’s the time, booking has been well underway, and I’d love to get to know and photograph even more of you this year! I want to know your stories, I want to see that style, that wit, that beautiful heart you possess–whatever it is that makes you who you are.

WHAT’S EVEN BETTER THAN THAT ALONE? Imagine Boutique (@shopimagine on Instagram) wants to be a part of the experience to make YOU feel fresh and fabulous!

SO, WHAT’S THAT MEAN? Glad you asked. Imagine is absolutely one of my favorite places to shop locally. Show Imagine proof of your scheduled session with ME and they will take 15% OFF of your outfits for the session! Contact me HERE if you’d like to get your session scheduled!

And because every post is better with photos, here are a few of my favorite shots from some of my Fall seniors last year…


You might recognize Callie above from more than just her senior session, as she and Renee (in the red a few photos down) were also Imagine’s chosen models for their Spring/Summer line this year!2014-09-17_0004 2014-09-17_00052014-09-17_0003

This part of Kaylyn’s session (above) was another favorite of mine. She and I had so much fun playing with the piles of crunchy leaves we came across. Did I mention how much I love Fall?


2014-09-17_00082014-09-17_0006 2014-09-17_0009And this is Renee’ (above). You probably also recognize her from my site quite a bit. She was also one of Imagine’s models this past year.  2014-09-17_00102014-09-17_0012 2014-09-17_0011 If you’re a senior in the Class of 2015, I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you!







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