An Intimate Summer Affair | Andrea + Blake: Mandeville Wedding Photography

July 21, 2015

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There are people you meet in life who just radiate so much sunshine that, inevitably, you cannot help but be drawn to their person. This is Andrea. From the moment I met her in college several years ago, I was drawn to the infectious, bright presence she brought to any room. Always inquisitive as to how my day was going and always smiling, there is no question in my mind as to the genuine qualities in her that attract Blake.
As soon as I stepped foot in Andrea and Blake’s home on that sunshine-filled day in June, I felt the love that emanates between the two of them. From long, written-out, heartfelt letters to small reminders scribbled on the bathroom mirror, it was so very clear to me that Blake was PUMPED to spend the rest of his days alongside Andrea’s breathtaking soul.
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A happy girl, a genuine girl, the biggest heart–is there anything more beautiful?
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Andrea picked sunflowers for the detail of her intimate day and it couldn’t have been more fitting. Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine BoutiqueImagine Boutique

One of my most favorite shots from the day–Andrea clasping her dad’s hand, just before walking to her groom.Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique

And, as always, it was such a pleasure partaking in her reception at The Lake House in Mandeville. I think I’m going to throw a huge party just so I can have them cater it and eat all of the white chocolate bread pudding I can stomach.Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine BoutiqueImagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine Boutique Imagine BoutiqueAndrea and Blake, your love for one another and for people in general is just astounding. Never let that sparkle dull. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for entrusting me with documenting such a monumental time for you.

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