Camille | Hammond Motherhood + Family Photographer

“So, as you think about how to raise your daughter to be a confident and courageous woman—sure of herself and resilient under pressure—begin by considering there you need to practice a little more bravery yourself. Any time you tip toe around an awkward conversation, allow someone to treat you poorly, avoid taking a risk for fear of failure or let other people’s opinions matter more than your own, you’re missing an important opportunity to teach your daughter how to be brave.”

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Elle | Mandeville Newborn + Family Photographer

For mom, the lady who’s heart and soul this is likely all for, this may look like sharing a story of vulnerability with me after a few encounters with her family, knowing that I’ll understand her heart and use that information to document her family with that much more authenticity. Whatever the ways my clients choose to invite me more deeply into their lives, it allows me a connection to the art I’m creating for them that is invaluable to the both of us.

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Summertime Mini Sessions

I’m offering Summertime Mini Sessions on Friday, May 31st and Sunday, June 9th before the summer heat hits in full-swing! If you’ve ever wanted to do a full session, but it just wasn’t in the budget, or if you just want a fun little session with friends or loved ones documenting this season of life, let’s play!

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Demi | Hammond Children’s Photographer

“If I tell her I love her a million times a day, maybe, just maybe, she’ll learn: that even in my flaws, my lack, and my mistakes, I gave her my entire heart—”

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Blair + Blake | A New Orleans French Quarter Elopement

Although Blair has converted to a West Coast girl for quite a few years now, New Orleans and the magic it encompasses runs richly through her veins. In true New Orleans fashion, the spirit woven through the weekend was nothing short of a non-stop party in The Big Easy.

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Welcoming Beniah: Hammond Newborn + Family Photographer

As I looked around the room, I just soaked in the bodies present and the ways each individual was participating differently. It was a group of individuals that functioned like a well-oiled machine, yet had never even been in a room together before that morning. Harmoniously working together for one cause, to show that mama how beautiful and strong that body of hers is.

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I’m Kali, Professional Photographer and Founder of The Creative Studio. 

I’m wildly passionate about storytelling through professional portraiture.
Here, our goal and mission is to create art that keenly personifies your story, builds brand recognition and trust, and instills a sense of timeless pride.

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